mars Portal is the network management solution especially tailored to the needs of networks in 'developing/emerging countries'. Often the lack of available bandwidth and unreliable power supply provides challenges unknown to 'out-of-the-box' 'western solutions' for 'developed countries'.

WhyKnow what your users are doing in your network
Steer/channel their traffic
Keep your network alive for business-/mission-critical things
Identify and isolate 'misbehaving devices'

WhereWhere Internet access is expensive, e.g. via satellite
Where demand for bandwidth is higher than available, e.g. many local devices
Where you want to fully utilize a connection while keeping it functional
Where your network contains devices from different vendors
Where you expect an evolving and growing network

HowRegistry of connected devices (with username/password or by MAC address)
Categorization of devices, e.g. work, guests and private
Per group and per device restrictions for speed levels (bandwidth), volume limits (data bundles) and Internet access
Exceptions for local network services to bypass restrictions, e.g. allow local but block Internet access
Distinction between during work and after work restrictions
DNS-based blocking of Internet Domains (includes HTTPS), e.g. block access to Facebook or Youtube during work
Filter inappropriate (adult) content
Traffic accounting separated by up- and downloads for each device and as overview for Top 10 devices
Realtime traffic monitoring with overall throughput and throughput for each device
Optional: Transparent caching of Windows Updates
Optional: Self-registration by user when device connects for the first time
Email notification of important system events, e.g. scheduled reports, system restarts
Custom hardware options: Appliance, 'use your own hardware', Low-/DC-power from batteries

download: product information (PDF), Examples (PDF)

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